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Debtec Ltd - Aerospace Engineering Consultancy

We are a small, dynamic, enthusiastic engineering company, specialising in Modelling And Simulation in the Aerospace Industry. We have been delivering aerospace solutions for over 14 years to such reputable organisations as Airbus, P3 Voith and Tata.

  • Software Engineering

    Years of experience working in Software Engineering has ingrained the need to organise and implement strategies and processes that ensure projects are successful: requirements capture, configuration management, change management, automated testing, regression testing, etc.

  • Modelling And Simulation

    Having enjoyed many years of working in the Aerospace Industry and working on developing Modelling and simulation tools to assist in the product development cycle, we have gained a wealth of experience in the validation and verification arena. Read more…

  • Software Tools

    We have experience in a wide range of OS’, Languages, Software tools and communications protocols. Read more …

  • Projects

    We’ve worked on a wide range of projects involving Airbus’ and Boeing aircraft: A300, A350, A400M, 787. Read more…

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